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My Last 5 Girlfriends (2009) DVDRip [TASTE] x264[350MB] Versi Hemat

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[ J ]Tekken 2010 DVDRip x264 AC3-MAGNET [700 MB]

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[ W ] Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995)

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[ K ] A Moment to Remember (2004)

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More Info

Directed by John H. Lee
Produced by Cha Seoung-jae
Written by Lee Jae-Han
Kim Yeong-ha
Starring Jung Woo-sung
Son Ye-jin
Baek Jong-hak
Music by Kim Tae-won
Cinematography Lee Jun-gyu

Divided into four segments, A Moment to Remember follows the theme of discovery in a relationship and the burdens of loss caused by Alzheimer's disease.

The first segment of the film, staged in romantic comedy style, introduces the protagonists, a woman named Su Jin and a man named Chul Soo. The movie highlights their accidental meeting in a convenience store and confusion over a can of soda, followed by their subsequent courting despite the social standings that should have kept them apart.

The second segment follows the couple now settling into married life. Su-Jin learns to be a housewife as her husband cares for her. But as the segment progresses, Su-jin begins to display forgetfulness, including an incident in which a fire breaks out because of a forgotten stove. While Chul Soo caught the fire in time, the seriousness of the incident and others draw them to seek medical help.

The third segment involves the revelation of Alzheimer's disease and the couple's consequent response to it. Su Jin is heavily burdened by the knowledge that she will forget her husband and hides it from him at first until he seeks advice from the doctor himself. Despite the disease, they make the commitment to stay together and as the disease progresses, the trials the couple go through increase because of Su Jin's forgetfulness.

The fourth segment reveals Su-jin in the final stages of the disease and the grief Chul Soo experiences because of it. Yet he remains beside her, despite her lost memory, hiding his eyes behind sunglasses when he visits her so she can't see his tears.

The end of the movie finishes off with Chul Soo replaying the first time they met in the convenience store with all her friends and family in the store. Chul Soo takes her back to the retirement home as they are driving off he finally tells her he loves her.

[ K ] Closer To Heaven (My Love By My Side)

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Title: Closer To Heaven or My Love by My Side or 내 사랑 내 곁에
Year: 2009
Country: South Korea
Director: Park Jin-pyo
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 121 min
Cast: Ha Ji-won, Kim Myeong-min, Nam Neung-mi, Im Ha-ryong, Choi Jong-ryeol, Sin Sin-ae

Synopsis/ Plot
Ji-soo, a funeral director, happens to oversee the funeral services of Jong-woo’s deceased mother. Being old friends, they are excited by the unexpected reunion, but the reality is more bitter than sweet. Jong-woo is suffering from the incurable Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Ji-soo has been through two painful divorces. Jong-woo lightheartedly asks Ji-soo to just marry him. Ji-soo is surprised by the offer, but it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to her. She wants to start a new life with the love that is starting to grow inside her, while the fear of losing Jong-woo scares her as well. despite the disapproval of those around her, Ji-soo still goes through with the marriage to Jong-woo. As Jong-woo’s symptoms beginning to worsen with each passing day, Jong-woo gets easily irritable as he begins to lose control over more and more parts of his body. Even though he hurts Ji-soo’s feelings, all she wants is to stay with him and cure his disease.

[ J ] Death Note

Alice In Wonderland 2010 DVDRip.XviD

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief [2010]

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Synopsis :
It's the 21st century, but the gods of Mount Olympus and assorted monsters have walked out of the pages of high school student Percy Jackson's Greek mythology texts and into his life. And they're not happy: Zeus' lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. Even more troubling is the sudden disappearance of Percy's mother. As Percy finds himself caught between angry and battling gods, he and his friends embark on a cross-country adventure to catch the true lightning thief, save Percy's mom, and unravel a mystery more powerful than the gods themselves. Written by 20th Century Fox

2 Days in Paris (2007) IDWS + English Sub

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Info :
2 Days follows two days in the relationship of a New York based couple; a French photographer Marion and American interior designer Jack-as they attempt to re-infuse their relationship with romance by taking a vacation in Europe. Their trip to Venice didn't really work out,--they both came down with gastroenteritis. They have higher hopes for Paris. But the combination of Marion's overbearing non-English speaking parents', flirtatious ex-boyfriends', and Jack's obsession with photographing every famous Parisian tombstone and conviction that French condoms are too small, only adds fuel to the fire. Will they be able to salvage their relationship? Will they ever have sex again? Or will they merely manage to perfect the art of arguing?

[ K ] See you After school DvdRIp

Info :
Director : Lee Seok-hoon
Genre : Comedy , Drama
Starring : Bong Tae-gyu , Kim Tae-Hyeon , Jeong koo-yeon, Park Cheol-min
Release : 2006
Sub : Hardsub by Pewee

Synopsis :

For Goong-dahl, nothing has gone right in his whole life. In an attempt to get rid of his 'loser streak,' he signs up for and fully immerses himself in a year-long psychological therapy program. Getting right out of the clinic and with high hopes for the future, Goong-dahl makes a fresh start in the high school battlefields. He manages to spot some losers who were bullying the school's most gorgeous student, Mina. But due to a lack of information about the school's notorious thug Jae-koo, Goong-dahl mistakes Jae-koo as his prey. Naturally the tables are turned and Goong-dahl is challenged to a fight on the rooftop after school


[ T ] Shutter 2004

Info :
A young photographer Thun and his girlfriend Jane discover mysterious shadows in their photographs after fleeing the sceen of an accident. As they investigate the phenomenon, they find other photographs contain similar supernatural images, that Thun's best friends are being haunted as well, and Jane discovers that her boyfriend has not told her everything. It soon becomes clear that you can not escape your past.

Sang Pemimpi 2010 DVDRip

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by : kanga6us

Plot :
Adalah seorang guru bernama Balia yang menjadi sumber inspirasi bagi Ikal, Arai dan Jimbron. Kelas Balia membawa mereka pada keajaiban ilmu pengetahuan dan luasnya kehidupan, tempat yang memberi mereka nafas untuk keluar dari tekanan hidup. Balia membarakan semangat mereka untuk menjelajahi Eropa dan bagian dunia lain untuk mengarungi kehidupan. Namun, pada saat yang sama, mereka harus menghadapi sikap keras Pak Mustar, sang kepala sekolah. Kontras dengan sikap Balia, Pak Mustar adalah seorang guru yang menerapkan cara didik dengan pola hukuman bagi yang lalai

Problematika yang mereka hadapi tak hanya soal sekolah dan bertahan hidup, tapi juga cinta, satu hal yang tak mungkin mereka hindari di kehidupan remaja. Cinta Arai pada Zakiah Nurmala menggiringnya menjadi seorang penyanyi dadakan dengan berguru pada Bang Zaitun, seorang pemusik Melayu keliling. Jimbron jatuh hati dengan Laksmi, gadis pemurung pekerja pabrik cincau yang tak pernah tersenyum sejak orang tuanya meninggal. Ikal tertarik pada gambar wanita molek dari reklame sebuah film Indonesia di bioskop

Tetapi, kebimbangan Ikal akan hidup dan masa depan membuatnya patah arang dan berusaha menghapus impiannya bersekolah ke Eropa bersama Arai. Ikal yang dulu seolah memiliki semangat baru, menjadi Ikal yang tenggelam dalam keputusasaan dan menyisakan kekecewaan yang dalam di hati sang ayah yang sangat membanggakan dirinya sejak kecil

Rasa bersalah terhadap sang ayah membuat Ikal bangkit, dan para pemimpi pun kembali berlari bersama. Satu persatu simpul-simpul kesulitan hidup untuk mencapai mimpi mereka buka. Cita-cita, harapan, dan cinta. Dengan tambahan bekal dari tabungan Jimbron, Ikal dan Arai melanjutkan hidup untuk merajut mimpi. Namun, setelah gelar sarjana diraih, Arai menghilang. Tinggalah Ikal sendirian mengadu nasib sambil mengejar mimpi. Sanggupkah ia meraih mimpinya tanpa kehadiran Arai?

[ C ] Mother Love Me Once Again (Mama Hao) 1988

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[ K ] My Girlfriend is An Agent (2009)

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[ K ] Ghost House

uploader : yowesla 
More Info

Info :
Ghost House
Genre : horror, comedy
Year : 2004

With hard work finally Pil-gi (Seung-won Cha) has saved enough money to make the last wish of his deceased father come true. He can buy his own House. But as soon he moves in he is attacked by another inhabitant of the house. It is a ghost, who claims the house for its own and is trying to frighten him out. But Pil-gi doesn't want to give up his dream so easy. He calls the police, invites friends to stay for the night with him and tries exorcism rituals. None of it works. During an attack by the ghost he is hit by lightning and awakes in a hospital. First his decision is to sell the house now, but then he discovers that he can see the ghost from now on. It is the young woman Win-ha (Seo-hee Jang). Less frightened as he can see her and talk to her he decides to stay but then take an offer from a speculator who wants to build up a hotel on his ground. Now it is time for the ghost to be afraid. She is begging him not to sell the house and is telling him her life story and from now on he is trying to help her.

Cha Seung-won
Jang Seo-hee
Jang Hang-seon

[ K ] The Beast and the Beauty 2005

       By ESTINT12    Part I  & Part II (gambar lebih bgs)

Info :
The Beast and the Beauty (Yasuwa minyeo) is a 2005 South Korean romantic-comedy film. It involves voice-actor Dong-gun (Ryu Seung-beom), whose blind girlfriend Hae-ju (Shin Min-a) suddenly receives surgery to regain her eyesight. Having lied to Hae-ju about his appearance, the beastly Dong-gun chooses to undergo extreme measures to change his appearance, while promising Hae-ju that he will return soon. Meanwhile, Hae-ju bumps into the Joon-ha (Kim Kang-woo)—Dong-gun's high school friend whose appearance is how Dong-gun described himself to Hae-ju—and mistakes him for Dong-gun. Hilarity ensues, and Dong-gun finds himself struggling to hold onto the love of the woman he loves.

Directed by
Lee Gye-byeok
Written by
Han Jeong-hyeop, Hwang Jo-yun, Lee Gye-byeok
Ryu Seung-beom, Shin Min-a

Release date(s) October 27, 2005
Running time 102 mins.
Country South Korea
Language Korean

[ K ] Magang Hotel [MU]

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Info :
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Kim Seok-hoon, Kim Seong-eun, Jo Sang-gi, Park Hee-jin
Release year: 2007
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Korea's crime world is in turmoil after its biggest gangs have decided to go corporate--eliminating redundant "employees" to cut costs! Now one gangster in danger of losing his "job" must prove his worth by extorting a huge sum from a local hotel.

RATING: 8/10

Kumpul Blogger

Kumpul Blogger Adalah Jaringan Blogger Indonesia untuk mendapatkan alternatif penghasilan tambahan, dengan cara menyediakan spot/ruangan pada blognya sebagai tempat menyampaikan pesan komersial dari Advertiser
Beriklan melalui Jaringan sama saja dengan beriklan melalui beberapa Blog

[ A ] Step Up 3D ( 2010 ) 297 MB

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Info :
Size: 297 MB RMVB| Language: English | Subtitles: N/A
Genre: Drama | Music | Romance Director: Jon Chu|
Starring: Rick Malambri, Adam G. Sevani, Sharni
Vinson, Alyson Stoner
Credit to scenetube
Credit to Amy.VS.TeamGempak

[ J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 8 - Clash! Kouga vs. Iga Ninja (2009) 18++

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Info :
* AKA: Sanada Kunoichi Ninpo-den: Kasumi - Gekitotsu! Hagure Kouga Gundan!!
* Year: 2009
* Directed: Seshio
* Genre: Action | Cat III | Drama | Erotic | Nudity
* Runtime: 78 mins
* Country: Japan
* Language: Japanese
* Subtitles: None
This is 8th title of an erotic NINJA action series, “Kasumi”. Cut out the love thicker than the blood! The ferocity of war overwhelms even the brotherhood of the Sanadas. The conflict between Iga and Kouga intensifies!
The conflict between the Toyotomis and the Tokugawas has grown more intense. The formidable enemy that appears before Kasumi and her fellow ninjas on the Tokugawa side is Nobuyuki, the older brother of Yukimura Sanada. Nobuyuki has one aim: to kill Yukimura. He leads a fearsome team: Jako, a female ninja who mesmerizes people with scent: Mukage, who freely moves and escapes on ground at will: Bunzo, who fights ferociously with only a thread and a fishing pole. These Kouga ninjas begin their attacks on the Sanadas. Meanwhile, Yukimura, Mufu, and Kasumi, visit the Kosuges, the master of which is Takayuki, a Toyotomi, whose younger brother, Shinzo, is for the Tokugawas and is deep in conflict. Kasumi and Shizu, a maid of the Kosuges, fall for each other, but Shizu is attacked by Jako’s Kouga ninjas. Kasumi wages an intense battle with them, but soon finds out Shizu’s dark secret. The battle rages...

[ J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 7 - Rebellion! Yukimura Assassination!! (2009) 18++

Info :
Extrak With FSJ setup
Directed by:Seiki Watanabe
Genre:Action\ Drama
Runtime:78 min
Video: 699.30 MB - AVI
Cast: Nana Nanaumi
The 7th installment of 'Kasumi', direct-to-video erotic ninja action series based on the manga by Youji Kanbayashi & Jin Hirano. - Kasumi is free and now she must travel to seek her brother Kotaro. Although, on her way. She found an injured woman in the river. Kasumi helped her to get up and she told Kasumi that there is a remote village near by the mountains. Although Kasumi agreed but she doesn't know, that deep inside the village lies dirty secrets. Ugly Vagina Blood Sucking Perverts.
The latest in the “Lady Ninja Kasumi” pinku V-cinema series, Sanada Kunoichi Ninpo-den: Kasumi - Nairan! Yukimura Ansatsu!! (something like “Lady Ninja Kasumi: Rebellion! Yukimura Assassination!!”) will be screened at Uplink Factory in Shibuya this Sunday and the DVD will be released on October 22nd. This time around Kasumi will be played by AV actress Nana Nanaumi, who made her adult debut last October. Hiroshi Kuze (The Twilight Samurai, Ichi) handled all the sword fight choreography.
The story revolves around a man named Takuma who works under the legendary samurai Sanada Yukimura teaching a secret technique called “Kakure Musou”. However, Sanada won’t allow Takuma to actually fight for him because he’s hampered by a painful disease of the eyes. It’s the worst kind of humiliation for a warrior like Takuma. A woman, played by Asami (Sukeban Boy, The Machine Girl), eventually makes a special medicine that helps him recover from his affliction. Meanwhile, Kasumi is sent to investigate a bandit who intends to assassinate Sanada. As the threat of assassination draws closer the shocking truth is exposed and Kasumi is forced to face off against an unlikely betrayer.

[ J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 6 (2008) 18++

Info :
Extrak With FSJ setup
Year : 2008
Directed by: Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Genre: Action\ Drama
Runtime: 80 min
Video: 699.93 MB - AVI
Cast: Young-mi, Emiru Momose, and Marin Akizuki
The story revolves around a man named Takuma who works under the legendary samurai Sanada Yukimura teaching a secret technique called “Kakure Musou”. However, Sanada won’t allow Takuma to actually fight for him because he’s hampered by a painful disease of the eyes. It’s the worst kind of humiliation for a warrior like Takuma. A woman, played by Asami (Sukeban Boy, The Machine Girl), eventually makes a special medicine that helps him recover from his affliction. Meanwhile, Kasumi is sent to investigate a bandit who intends to assassinate Sanada. As the threat of assassination draws closer the shocking truth is exposed and Kasumi is forced to face off against an unlikely betrayer.

[ J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 5 - Counter Attack (2007) [DVDRip] 18+

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Info :
* Year: 2007
* Directed: Seiki Watanabe
* Genre: Action | Cat III | Drama | Erotic | Nudity
* Runtime: 75 mins
* Country: Japan
* Language: Japanese
* Subtitles: None

The 5th installment of 'Kasumi', direct-to-video erotic ninja action series based on the manga by Youji Kanbayashi & Jin Hirano. - In this series, Kasumi is assigned to search a man who had recieved a new weapon from the foriengers and she must escort him to Ueda Castle.Although, it won't be that easy because Hanzo already assigned his ninja army to steal the weapon and eliminate the sanada ninjas. Also, Hanzo's apprentices are back and ready to fight and fuck Kasumi again.

[ J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 4 - Birth Of A Ninja (2007)

Info :
Password: no pass
Extrak With FSJ setup
Year : 2007
Director : Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Genre : Action \ Drama
Cast : Akiho Yoshizawa, Mankichi Maeda, Masato Takaoka, Yui Komiya, Miho Yoshino, Masumi Ogawa
Running Time : 75 min
Language : Japanese
Size: 699.32 MB
The 4th installment of ‘Kasumi’, direct-to-video erotic ninja action series based on the manga by Youji Kanbayashi & Jin Hirano. – Kasumi is a female ninja working for Sanada clan. While searching for the scroll which describes some secret about Osaka Castle, she is saved by Sakichi, anotherninja from Sanada. He is actually an ex-ninja. He has quiited when he lost his sweetheart in the battle. Shortly afterwards, Kasumi is captured by Hattori clan. Sakichi is the only one who cn save her from Hattori. When Sakichi learns Kasumi also lost her family in the battle, he is determined to return as a ninja. (Later, Sakichi is to become a great ninja under the name Sarutobi Sasuke
In Lady Ninja Kasumi Vol. 4 (Sanada Kunoichi Ninpoden Kasumi Tanjou! Sarutobisasuke, 2007) AV actress Akiho Yoshizawa takes over the role of the seductive female ninja Kasumi. This time around, her Sanada clan elder asks a former member named Sakichi to help Kasumi with a certain mission, but is quickly turned down. Kasumi is subsequently sent on this dangerous mission alone, but when she’s captured Sakichi comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Kasumi settles a score with a particular female ninja rival.

[J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 3 : Secret Skills (2006) 18++

Lady Ninja Kasumi 3

Info :
Extrak With FSJ setup
Directed by : Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Released : October 24, 2006
Running Time: 75 mins. (approx.)
Video: 1.45 GB AVI
Genre: Erotica
Hardsub: English
Cast: Marin Akizuki, Koji Maeda, Mankichi Maeda, Shoji Sachi, ...
In Lady Ninja Kasumi Vol. 3: Secret Skills (Sanada Kunoichi Ninpoden Kasumi: Musashi! Ougi Kaigan) Kasumi (Marin Akizuki) uses her ninja skills, as well as her body, to steal a powerful secret scroll from the Kuroda clan. Now on the run, an expert swordsman named Miyamoto saves the sexy young ninja and helps her survive the eventual onslaught on Oni clan assassins sent her way by Hattori Hanzo himself.
The Kuroda clan is said to be in possession of a secret scroll. Legend has it that whoever can decode the scroll will rule the country. Using her body, Kasumi's mission to snatch it from them. And snatch it she does. Soon, the Kuroda clan are hot on her tail. She's eventually saved by Miyamoto, a sympathetic and exceptional swordsman. And when Hattori Hanzo puts a hit out on Kasumi, she's going to need those sword skills and all the help she can get totake on the formidable Oni clan assassins!
Originally titled "Sanada Kunoichi Ninpoden Kasumi: Musahi! Ougi Kaigan", the third chapter of LADY NINJA KASUMI stars Marin Akizuki as Kasumi (taking over for Emiru Momose) and is based on the popular period manga

[ C ] King of Comedy



Info :
Title : King of Comedy
Genre : Comedy / Drama

Stephen Chow plays a desperate extra/actor who can't get a scene to save his life. He works at a Neighborhood Welfare House, and in his spare time, gives free acting lessons.

[ K ] The Fair Love (2009)



Info :
Genre : Drama | Romance
iMDB :
iMDB Rating : 5.9/10 9 votes
Video Resolution : 624 X 336 (23.976 fps)
Video Bitrate : 2 Pass @ 1458 kb/s AVG
Audio Bitrate : AC3 48KHz @ 192Kbp/s AVG
Runtime : 117 mins
Substitle : English / Korean

Hyung-man is in his fifties and has regrettably never dated. After having lost all his money to a close friend, Hyung-man spends his monotonous and frustrating life in his photo studio. One day, Hyung-man decides to pay his fraudulent friend, Ki-hyuk, a visit, after having heard that he is dying of cancer. Ki-hyuk requests that Hyung-man look after his daughter, Nam-eun, once in a while after he dies. After Ki-yuk passes away, Hyung-man decides to visit his friend's daughter, who is surprisingly a full-grown lady. Noticing that Nam-eun is more distressed over the death of her pet cat than her father's, Hyung-man decides to look after her once in a while. Nam-eun too finds her father's silly and unmarried friend quite interesting. Using Hyung-man's dirty laundry as an excuse, Nam-eun frequently visits Hyung-man, gradually expressing her feelings for him. Although awkward and surprised at first, Hyung-man too is curious about his feelings for his friend's daughter. Soon, Hyung-man who was once simply Nam-eun's father's friend becomes her man and they begin a series of unusual dates.

[J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 2: Love and betrayal (2006) 18++



Info :
Extrack With FSJ setup
AKA: Sanada Kunoichi Ninpoden Kasumi: Ai To Uragiri No Kizuna
Year: 2006
Released: 2006 [Japan]
Genre: Cat III ninja babes
Runtime: 1:19:59
Video: AVI - 1.45 GB
Hardsub: English
Director: Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Producer: Tadao Kasahara
Cast: Emiru Momose,Sho Nishino, Itsuka Harusaki, Masato Takaoka, Koji Maeda,...
Kasumi's enemy Hattori Hanzo wishes to penetrate the Ueda castle. When Kasumi tries to thwart his plan, she's captured. A prostitute comes to her aid and a bond between them is formed--but is it strong enough to withstand Hanzo?
It's been two years since Kasumi chose the Kunoichi lifestyle and she now has a new enemy in Hattori Hanzo. Hanzo's wish is to penetrate the Ueda castle. So he enlists his own Kunoichi to seduce the gatekeeper, probing him for security loopholes. When Kasumi tries to thwart Hanzo's plan, she's nabbed and humiliated by Hanzo. A prostitute and lover of the gatekeeper, Kosode, comes to Kasumi's aid and a bond between them is formed. But is it strong enough to withstand the powerful Hanzo and his evil schemes?

[ K ] Sisily 2km (To Catch a Virgin Ghost) (2004)

Info :
Suk-Tae who stole diamonds worth billions from the ‘family,’ has an accident while trying to escape. He ends up in this beautiful, peaceful country village–Sisily. Yang-yi who is determined to find the diamonds, comes to Sisily village through the Global Positioning System on Suk-tae’s cell phone. But the villagers deny ever having seen Suk-Tae and Yang-Yi decided to stay for investigating the case. Yang-yi then discovers they are harboring a terrible secret — the seemingly friendly townsfolk may not be so friendly. In fact they may not even be folk–after all.

Sisily 2km (South Korea 2004)

Release Date......: 06.06.2007
Rental Date......: 08.06.2007 (.de)
Cinema Date..... : STV

Genre.............: Comedy / Horror
Runtime...........: 103 Minuten
FSK...............: 16
IMDB-Rating.......: 6.5/10 (116 votes)

Size..............: 100 x 15mb
Video.............: Xvid, 1449 kbps, 640x352
Audio.............: AC3, CBR, 448 kbps DE (5.1)
Subs..............: -

[ C ]Just Another Pandora's Box [2010] DVDRip HK

Download :

Info :
Release Date: 18th March 2010
Language: Cantonese
Running Time: 90 mins
Rating: PG13
Genre: Comedy / Action
Starring: SiuWong Fan, Eric Tsang, Xu Jiao, Athena Chu, Alex Fong Lik Sun
Directed by: Jeff Lau Chun Wai
Local Distributor: Golden Screen Cinemas

[ C ] City Under Siege 2010 CN DVDRIP

Info :
Starring: Aaron Kwok, Hsu Chi, Jacky Wu, Jingchu Zhang, Shu Qi, Colin Chou...
Genre: Action / Sci-fi / Thriller
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese (hardsub)
size: 660Mb
Credit to Kang A6us/Dod1


MF pass: idws


[ J ] Bandage

[ J ] InuYasha Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island

The mysterious island of Houraijima has reappeared after 50 years, and with its reappearance has brought the attack of four gods, the Shitoushin, who have their eyes set on the powers that protect and sustain the island. Now it's up to Inuyasha and his friends, along with Sesshoumaru, to find a way to defeat the powerful Shitoushin.

[ J ] InuYasha Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler


Info :

Izayoi and Inu no Taishou, Inuyasha's parents, are having problems with a human named Setsuna no Takemaru. Sou'unga a magical sword that has been sealed away for 700 years is found. Now everyone is after the sword and its powers but it seems the sword has something else in mind.

[ J ] InuYasha Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass


Inuyasha and company have finally destroyed Naraku. And each start to go in their separate ways. Sango going to find her younger brother Kohaku; Miroku back to his old home; Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippou go to gather the rest of the Shikon shards. Unfortunately this peace is not to last. Shortly afterwards the full moon rises, and just keeps rising each night bringing with it the promise of danger. Kagura and Kanna go in search of a mirror, where locked inside is the ruler of the eternal night, Kaguya. To set her free they must gather five items and drop them into the five lakes of Fuji. Setting her free means the worst danger for Inuyasha and the others. Who are forced to face this new threat.

[ J ] InuYasha Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time

Info :
Inu-Yasha has mastered the ultimate attack of the Tetsusaiga and continues his battle for the Shikon Jewel shards with Kagome, Shippo, Sango, and Miroku. Unfortunately, a freak occurance with a jewel shard has brought to life an incarnation of a demonic enemy sealed by Inu-Yashas' father. Inu-Yasha must surpass his father and destroy this demon or every soul in Japan will be consumed.

[ A ] Charlies Angels 1 and 2 ( DVDrip )

[J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 1 (2005) 18++

AKA: Sanada Kunoichi Ninpoden Kasumi
Year: 2005
Directed: Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Genre: Cat III ninja babes (ninja babes is a genre, right?)
Runtime: 1:12:55
Video: 716 MB - MPG
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English hardsub
IMDB: Info
Cast: Young-mi, Saki Anz, Yui Mamiya, Hideki Satô, Masato Takaoka, Kôji Maeda ,...
It is the Sengoku period. Kasumi and her little brother are orphaned, and she joins the Kunoichi (lady ninja) to protect her brother and defend her new people. When one of their spies turns up dead, Kasumi doles out the revenge...


Date Released : 10 April 2009
Quality : DVDRip
Info : Imbd
Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus
Genre : Drama|Family|Music|Romance
Uploader by blueshadow

For Movie :

For Subtitle :
Indonesian+English Subtitle

[ C ] So Close

[ C ] Kung Fu Hip Hop DVDrip with Subs (2008)


AKA: Kung Fu Hip Hop
Year: 2008
Directed: Fu Huayang
Genre: Action/Dance
Runtime: 90 mins
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English


Joedan Chan, Fan Bingbing, Popin Hyeon-joon, Pan Xiaoting, Yang Yang, Gao Min, Xing Aowei

Synopsis / Plot

“Kung Fu Hip Hop” is a warm touching story of 3 adults who have bravely pursuing of their dreams and how they overcome all challenges ahead of them in the dancing world. It all starts off with a dance competition which the 3 main characters are taking part in. From there the story continues to show their creativity and passion for music and dance along with what happens in the dance competition. The 3 of them have break through their highs and lows, share their sweat, tears and laughter, together they solved all difficulties and challenges in winning the glory of the title “Dancing King”.

File/video technical info

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File Format..........: AVI
Codec................: Xvid
Resolution...........: 576 x 336 – 25fps
Video Bitrate........: 947 kbps
Codec................: MP3
Bitrate........: 128 kbps

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[ J ] Taiyou No Uta The Movie

More Info:

Kaoru dreamily gazes from her bedroom window each morning just before dawn. She can see a stretch of the beach in front of her parent's house on a hill in Kamakura, but focuses upon the activity at the bus stop where Koji and his two best friends meet before going surfing. The appearance of the sun causes her to lowers the blinds and go to sleep for she suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) and exposure to the sun's rays has had the potential to kill her. At night she walks to the train station, plays her guitar and sings songs she has written, commonly returning home just a few minutes before it starts getting light. One morning she is at the bus stop singing when Koji arrives. Liking the song she was singing, he promises to go and listen to her perform as a street musician the first day of summer vacation but finds a loud and off-key man has occupied her spot. Koji improvises and takes her to Yokahama on his motor bike where her singing immediately draws a crowd. Koji marvels at her extraordinary future, whereas he muses at his ordinary nature as he asks to be her boyfriend. But she breaks up almost immediately as the rising sun reminds her that she cannot live a normal life. Koji tries and make amends after being sought out by her father, and starts to earn the 200,000 yen needed to pay for a studio session and production of a CD of Kaoru's songs. As she practices on her guitar, she finds her fingers becoming immobilized, the first sign that neurological damage from the disease is progressing.



Subtitle Indonesia

Miror Imzupload
Part 1 :
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Part 3 :
Part 4 :
Part 5 :
Part 6 :

[ J ] Closed Note

More Info:

Title: クローズド・ノート (Kuroozudo nooto)
English: "Closed Note"
Release: September 2007

Sawajiri Erika
Iseya Yusuke
Takeuchi Yuko

Kae is a hard-working ordinary university student girl. Although her friendship are favourable, her work leaves her somewhat insatisfied, however, she spends every day working hard at it.
One day, she finds in the corner of her own closet, a notebook, which the previous tenant had apparently forgot and abandoned. Out of curiosity, Kae takes the notebook. As the "Closed Note" which was unopened....
... at the time spills its contents, her ordinary life starts changing at a massive scale.


[ K ] Goodbye Mom

More Info:

Genre : Drama
Starring : Kang-hee Choi, Yeong-ae Kim, Su-bin Bae, Yeong-nam Jang, Il-hwa Choi
Release year : 2009
Language : Korean
Subtitle : English
Rating : 8.5/10

Synopsis : Aeja (Kang-hee Choi) was once a promising student. Not only did she do well in school, she also loved to write poetry on rainy days & also possessed excellent fighting skills. Her dream was to become a novelist and a few years later she moved to Seoul to fulfill those dreams.

Aeja is now 29 years old and has not achieved any of the success she has hoped for. Her only accomplishment to date is winning an award from a local newspaper organziation. Meanwhile, Aeja's personal life is not much better off. Her boyfriend cheated on her and eventually ran off leaving behind large amounts of debt. Aeja was nearly pushed to the edge, but then channels her energy into a writing contest that offers a large reward.

While writing for the contest Aeja receives a message from her mother asking her to come back to Busan for her brother's wedding. Aeja's mother has always been tough on her and when she goes back to Busan her mother treats her no different. Then one day, Aeja's mother suddenly collapses and her world starts shaking from the seams.

[ J ] One Litre of Tears The Movie


The plot is based on the true story of a Japanese girl named Aya Kito (July 29, 1963 - May 23, 1988, who had Spinocerebellar Degeneration when she was 15 years old, and was able to continue her life until her death at the age of 25 years old. She kept writing in her diary to remember her experiences until she could no longer hold a pen.

Aya simply wished to live until the end of her life, and the purpose of writing in the diary was to remind herself to not give up. She shed tears many times, at the same time encompassed by the rich love and support from her family and friends. Her diary 1 Litre of Tears was published shortly before her death. It encouraged many people, healthy or diseased, because of its inspiring and courageous messages. As Aya wrote, “Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing.”

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