[ J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 8 - Clash! Kouga vs. Iga Ninja (2009) 18++

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* AKA: Sanada Kunoichi Ninpo-den: Kasumi - Gekitotsu! Hagure Kouga Gundan!!
* Year: 2009
* Directed: Seshio
* Genre: Action | Cat III | Drama | Erotic | Nudity
* Runtime: 78 mins
* Country: Japan
* Language: Japanese
* Subtitles: None
This is 8th title of an erotic NINJA action series, “Kasumi”. Cut out the love thicker than the blood! The ferocity of war overwhelms even the brotherhood of the Sanadas. The conflict between Iga and Kouga intensifies!
The conflict between the Toyotomis and the Tokugawas has grown more intense. The formidable enemy that appears before Kasumi and her fellow ninjas on the Tokugawa side is Nobuyuki, the older brother of Yukimura Sanada. Nobuyuki has one aim: to kill Yukimura. He leads a fearsome team: Jako, a female ninja who mesmerizes people with scent: Mukage, who freely moves and escapes on ground at will: Bunzo, who fights ferociously with only a thread and a fishing pole. These Kouga ninjas begin their attacks on the Sanadas. Meanwhile, Yukimura, Mufu, and Kasumi, visit the Kosuges, the master of which is Takayuki, a Toyotomi, whose younger brother, Shinzo, is for the Tokugawas and is deep in conflict. Kasumi and Shizu, a maid of the Kosuges, fall for each other, but Shizu is attacked by Jako’s Kouga ninjas. Kasumi wages an intense battle with them, but soon finds out Shizu’s dark secret. The battle rages...


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