[J ] Lady Ninja Kasumi 3 : Secret Skills (2006) 18++

Lady Ninja Kasumi 3

Info :
Extrak With FSJ setup
Directed by : Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Released : October 24, 2006
Running Time: 75 mins. (approx.)
Video: 1.45 GB AVI
Genre: Erotica
Hardsub: English
Cast: Marin Akizuki, Koji Maeda, Mankichi Maeda, Shoji Sachi, ...
In Lady Ninja Kasumi Vol. 3: Secret Skills (Sanada Kunoichi Ninpoden Kasumi: Musashi! Ougi Kaigan) Kasumi (Marin Akizuki) uses her ninja skills, as well as her body, to steal a powerful secret scroll from the Kuroda clan. Now on the run, an expert swordsman named Miyamoto saves the sexy young ninja and helps her survive the eventual onslaught on Oni clan assassins sent her way by Hattori Hanzo himself.
The Kuroda clan is said to be in possession of a secret scroll. Legend has it that whoever can decode the scroll will rule the country. Using her body, Kasumi's mission to snatch it from them. And snatch it she does. Soon, the Kuroda clan are hot on her tail. She's eventually saved by Miyamoto, a sympathetic and exceptional swordsman. And when Hattori Hanzo puts a hit out on Kasumi, she's going to need those sword skills and all the help she can get totake on the formidable Oni clan assassins!
Originally titled "Sanada Kunoichi Ninpoden Kasumi: Musahi! Ougi Kaigan", the third chapter of LADY NINJA KASUMI stars Marin Akizuki as Kasumi (taking over for Emiru Momose) and is based on the popular period manga


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